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Diana DiMarzio

Experience the beauty and drama of the Italian cinema. Cinema Italiano can be customized for your venue, festival, orchestra or symphony pops concert.

Cinema Italiano

Salutes the many contributions Italian film composers have made to the film industry. This vocal concert treats music lovers to an evening of nostalgia, fun, and romance as they listen to some of the screen sagas’ best remembered songs from composers such as Nino Rota, Ennio Morricone, Henry Mancini and more. These composers drew upon Italian musical traditions to add a sense of familial and cultural depth to these great Italian films. They tugged at our heartstrings and celebrated Italy’s unique sounds and spirit.


This celebratory concert provides listeners, regardless of their background, with a deeper appreciation for the positive significant contributions made by Italians to our civilization, especially in the arts.

Cinema Italiano Program



Cinema Italiano

     Maury Yeston, Nine

Be Italian

     Maury Yeston, Nine

Life is Beautiful/Buon Giorno Principessa

     Nicola Piovani, Life is Beautiful

You’re Still You

     Ennio Morricone, Malena

Don’t Take Your Love from Me

     Henry Nemo, (heard in) Big Night

La Strada

     Nino Rota, La Strada

Godfather Waltz/Parla Piu Piano

     Nino Rota, Godfather I

Love Said Goodbye

     Nino Rota, Godfather II

Donde Lieta (from La Boheme)

     Puccini, (heard in) Moonstruck

Mambo Italiano/ Tic Ti, Tic Ta

     (heard in) Big Night



Cinema Paradiso (Piano/instrumental solo)

     Ennio Morricone, Cinema Paradiso

Spaghetti Western Medley

     Ennio Morricone, Good, Bad, and the Ugly/Fistful of

     Dynamite/Once Upon a Time in the West


     Riz Ortolani, Le Mondo Cane

Nella Fantasia

     Ennio Morricone, The Mission

Cinema Paradiso

     Ennio Morricone, Cinema Paradiso

It Had Better Be Tonight/Pink Panther

     Henry Mancini, Pink Panther (Dubbed in Italian)


     Nino Oliviero, La Donna Nel Mondo

II Postino

     Luis Bacalov, II Postino

Con Te Partiro

     (Not yet heard in a movie)


Ennio Morricone's haunting theme to

Cinema Paradiso 

Perennial favorite, Bob Merrill's
Mambo Italiano 

From The Mission; Ennio Morricone's
Nella Fantasia 

From The Pink Panther; Henry Mancini's
It Had Better Be Tonight 

For inquiries or to book this concert, please contact Diana @
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