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Private Teaching

Diana has worked closely with celebrated talents, composers, conductors and directors in New York City. These professional opportunities have not only afforded her an artistic sense that she cherishes but has also deepened her knowledge of the industry and business savvy. Because of her own experience in the “business”, she recognizes that a pretty soprano or a solid chest voice is not enough to land a job. You have to be able to do it all. 

If you only belt, she will teach you how to find your head voice. If you only sing in your head voice,  she will teach you to find your belt voice. Her goal is to try to improve upon what each student brings into the room. Whether you have a professional audition in NYC or for your school musical, or just want to be a better singer, she will focus on what you need both vocally and artistically.

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Music Director

Diana is the music director and vocal arranger for the Pro Kids Holiday Vocal troupe.  Her arrangements can be heard on all streaming platforms.

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